Beginners Online Course

Jyotish Beginner’s Course with Gordon Brennan and Andrew Foss

Gordon Brennan and Andrew Foss are jointly offering a new course for beginners in Vedic Astrology. The course will begin on Tuesday 27th September and will be online each Tuesday evening using Zoom for 12 weeks, starting at 7pm UK time.  The course is based on Parashara Jyotish.  Each lesson is one and a half hours and will be recorded.

Summary of Course Schedule

  1. Divine Origin, Vedas, ancient and modern history
  2. Science of Jyotish – the astrology chart
  3. Astronomy for astrologers
  4. Construction of a chart
  5. Constellations – signs of the zodiac
  6. Planets and Karakas
  7. Houses and Karakas
  8. Nakshatras – lunar zodiac
  9. Dashas
  10. Panchang – elements of Jyotish
  11. Principles of Interpretation
  12. Interpretation – 9th division

The fee for the Vedic Astrology Course is £150.

To register, please pay via secure Paypal.